What To Do When Your Dogs Get Skunked! 

Might I take this chance to introduce you to a few of my fur babies…?

This is Dixie Mae, culprit of the stink numbero uno. 

She was skunked about a month, being her (our) first time we had no idea what that burning hair/plastic smell was. No joking, Spencer and I searched for the ‘electrical fire’ source for about two hours before deeming ourselves insane. 

By routine the next morning Spencer gave Dixie her goodbye kisses before leaving for work, only to find out his face and beard would then be smelling of skunk for the days entirety… and then some.. 

So yes, she stank up the house for a good 8 hours before we noticed… ufda. 

Next on the rap sheet Mr. Kato… he was the antagonist of the satire which was the other night… he was so close to the skunk that half his face was yellow…. sigh. Save to say the swear words were a flyin’ around the middle of that night. 

His side kick? That ever dependable and trouble-making sister Brodee Sue.

So what do you do in these most stinky of circumstances?

Take a deep breath (since you’ll not want to for three months) and try to laugh about it. Dogs will be dogs and skunks will happen from time to time. Like Forrest Gump said, “sh*t happens… sometimes…”

In the one month since we moved all (three) of our dogs have been sprayed by a skunk. So you could say I’ve had some time to experiment with how to keep the smell at bay. 

To keep things easiest I won’t talk about what didn’t work… (tomato juice/sauce bath) ahem….

But what has WORKED for us:

– Bath your dog (and yourself) in Dawn dish soap… since you’ll likely end up in the shower and wet anyway. Trust me the smell passes from family member to family with haste. 

– After the shower wipe down your fur baby with a rag dampened with hydrogen peroxide. Let dry. 

– Wipe down a second time with an apple cider vinegar dampened rag. Let dry.  

– Keep diluted spray bottle (ACV + water) on hand for intermittently spritsing your dog and whatever bedding they’re using. We went so far as to spray this in the air once a day when the smell would come back up. 

– Diffuse CPTG essential oils FOREVER — as you already should be ;)!!! Since we only have one diffuser I let my tea kettle steam with OnGuard EO on board. In the meantime I’ve had an assortment of Lemon, Lemongrass, Wild Orange, Lavendar, OnGuard, Grapefruit and Cedarwood hard at work, and boy does it take that stench away. 

• Don’t have essential oils?? Visit my online store —-> HERE!

– Double wash any garment/linen that has come into contact with said stinky pup. I usually use an environmentally friendly detergent but we went full out on Arm & Hammer with OxyClean. 

Unfortunately there is no immediate quick fix to get rid of the smell completely. It’s all you can do to keep it at bay. The spray from the skunk attaches to hair follicles and gets into skin pores, worst part? It will not be totally gone for up to 3 months. So you’re in for the long haul folks. 

Ok so not all of these are the most natural of remedies. But let’s just say being pregnant with three skunked out dogs has been no cup of tea.. But if these worked for me I’m sure they can help you to. 

Anyone else’s dog ever been skunked? I would love to hear what y’all did to beat the stink. 

Peace and Love,


Don’t Throw Away That Carcass! 

Here on the homestead one of our biggest missions is to use all we can from all we have. In the case of the thanksgiving turkey that means keeping the carcass. 

All we do is throw the hole thing into a large stockpot, cover with water, and let it simmer on a low setting overnight. 

In the morning simply sift through and pull out all the bones and skin you can find (this can be a rather long process sometimes), add whatever veggies and seasonings you’d like and voila! 

I add the veggies and seasonings after the bones and skin are removed just to clarify, then I simmer for a few more hours on low heat. 

This makes a great turkey soup base to be used immediately or frozen for future use. Another option is to strain the meat from the liquid and keep the juice as a bone stock/ broth. The meat can be used for whatever, even dog food if you have too much leftovers sitting around as it is… if your house is anything like my house you’ll have left overs for daayyyys anyway!

This way the gift of the thanksgiving bird keeps on giving, over here at the Gardner home we’re thankful for that and birds life for the nourishment it provides our bodies. 

Wishing you all full bellies and overflowing hearts this holiday season! 

Peace and Love, Q

The Moving Blues…

I never been one to love change. Or even like it for that matter. Plain and simple. 

As many of you know, and others who don’t, we just got done moving… the entire homestead, just 14 miles north. 

To say that the last 3-4 months (literally how long ago we started moving..) was the most stressful and exhausting time of my life thus far would be a gross understatement. “They” say the only other anxiety and stressor that comes close to parallel with moving is grieving the loss of a loved one. Now I don’t know if that’s true but I’m definetly grieving something. 

And it’s my sanity!

Good thing I’m not one of those shower everyday kinda gals, because that would never happen right now… fuh-get-abou-did! 

As if moving with two daughters (3 and 18 months), two puppies (year old litter mates) + 1 adult dog, an armful of baby bunnies and their mamas, a 30 strong homestead flock, one ornery horse, and a terrorist cat isn’t enough!

Let’s throw pregnancy number three on top, eh?

This is where I appologize to my dear mother, may your heart rest easy, your daughter is fine, busy but perfectly okay. 

Yes. There may be a load of dirty dishes to wash and a gojillion loads of laundry yet to do but my focus is on settling my family into our new home, humans, pets and livestock alike. 

This lifestyle is our why for everything we do. Every choice we make. And we’re so glad this choice to move is over. We can finally get back to what really matters. You know, like weekly bread day and butchering birds before the snow hits? 

Now, that’s not to say this move went smoothly by any means… it was anything but…that’s the part I’ll never forget, I swear I could have spent more time planning and things still wouldn’t have worked out.

Like my horse just jumping right in the trailer.. instead of the near 5 hours it took to get her moved. Or maybe had we spent more time organizing the moving of the birds we may not have lost 6 so far to predators. Or the fact that since I don’t have a proper hanging hutch for the rabbits yet, 6! That’s 6 babies have squeezed through the crate bars and disappeared never to be seen again.

O! And don’t forget, Q, your barncat is now terrorizing the neighbors cat… how the flip to train your gangster cat to stay home…? 

With all the screw ups you want to know one thing I did right?

I anticipated at least some failure from this move. I mean come on, life is crazy, and how am I so arrogant to think I have it all under control. I surrendered to the fact that maybe nothing will go the way I want it to. I knew that something had to go wrong, like everyone has told me ‘that’s just part of moving.’ And that’s ok.. I’m literally too blessed to be stressed and that’s a wonderful thing.  

No, I didn’t get my hops dug up in time, all the pretty soil I built was left behind and of course we had to say goodby to some things that just couldn’t possibly come with us. But that change is good. And this was the season for it. 

Yes this move pushed us near to insanity. The control freak in me has never been more on edge. But at the end of everyday we took a deep breathe of gratitude and started all over again the next morning.  

There was definitely a love/hate relationship between us and the Tumalo place. And if you know me you’ll know I hated that house. I’ll always be grateful for the shelter and meeting place it provided for our family and so many loved ones, but I never quite felt like home, there was always an expiration date. From the beginning though, we moved there for the soil and the space. The property which tested us continually and usually won. We loved everything about the natural part of that amazing little spread. Soil so rich with life, always giving such amazing fruit and flower. And a view so enduringly beautiful. 

There were so many great, amazing, horrible, hilarious, unexpected and even predictable memories tohappen there in the near theeenyears we lived there so here’s just a few. 


Tumalo, oh Tumalo, how we loved living inside your little community of unincorporated-ness. We built so many friendships while living in our polished turd (as she was respectfully named) of a double-wide. We learned so much during this few years, lessons about ourselves and about life. Most of all we learned how to fail and keep going. And what a fantastic feeling it is to have this (part of the) learning phase behind us. 

De-stressing and getting back to the basics of our life is now the biggest priority, nothing helps like a little mantra, say..

Breathe and carry on….

Or maybe

Let go…


Sorry, blog, for neglecting you so. Mama’s home. 

So I’m breathing in all the change and craziness and breathing out with peace and harmony.