So I moved my ole ladies out to the garden a couple weeks ago. Low and behold they started laying again! And in full force.

The shelter within the garden is a simple three sided pallet house with some aspen branches for perches, in know, glamorous huh?

But heck it works for us and the hens are happy as ever, or since they were when they were last let to free range… they’ve been mad at me since their confinement.

Since there is no space within this make-shift coop I took it upon myself to solve that issue. I didn’t have any extra funds at the time to go buy anything nor did I want to take the time to build something….Let’s face it, with two kids under 4 and dozens of animals… theres just not extra time for extra building projects.

Even as I type I am being stalked by a curious crawling, not yet walking infant who must have my laptop at all costs! So musical chairs we play…

ha ha, ahem.

This is what I came up with, and I must give thanks to many other bloggers, Pinterest, and our cluttered garage we are in the midst of deep cleaning for this simple yet awesome diy best box. 

What do yo need?

1 storage tote with lid (free, found in garage)

1 x-acto knife (who doesn’t have one??)

4″-6″ nest box bedding (straw, shavings, hay)

All you need to do is cut roughly a 12″x 12″ square out of one of the longer sides of the tote (depending on the size of your hens). Yes the lid stays on, this is to prevent girls from hopping up and pooping on the goods.

As you can see from the picture one hole is centered the other off-set, I think off-set works better, just for the fact that it creates a warmer quieter place for the hens. These totes also work great if you plan to hatch eggs, move often, and clean out the box regularly to replace bedding.

Within two hours of placing the boxes in the garden I had eggs, the girls were so happy they kicked all the shavings out… such is chicken life, and it’s a good one to.

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