DIATOMACEOUS EARTH and why your homestead needs it.

Diatomaceous Earth or DE is “a soft, crumbly, porous sedimentary deposit formed from the fossil remains of diatoms.” And it works wonders on the homestead, or so I’ve heard. 

I am no expert here, more so I’m basically a novice in all things farm and organic garden… One thing I do very well though, is research.. all of my efforts are simply trial and error. And so I bring you this post. 

I’ve read so many great things about DE and when I found it on Amazon for a good price I had to snag some up. Here are the places we are going use it:

1. Chicken Dust Bath- this deters mites like no other. I simply add some to their dust bath whenever it seems to need it. It only works when dry so consider using a storage tote for your bust bath so you have the choice to put a lid on it in unfavorable weather. 

2. In The Garden- bugs won’t go near it. Apparently is soft powdery texture is like broken glass to insects and bugs so they refuse to crawl over it… Isn’t that crazy. Any insect/bug with an exoskeleton is toast within 24 hrs with DE on guard. And as far as slugs… Remember that part about it being like microscopic broken glass? Yeah I’ll let you fill in the blanks on that one… Heck in some states this powerhouse qualifies as certified organic pesticide. 

3. In the Home/Barn: It can also be fed to various livestock as an insecticide. And even just for over all health benefitting each animal uniquely and efficiently. I’ve read articles that say some use DE as a old time treatment for worms in large stock. And some people eat it daily for health reasons. Or even use it for bed bugs and live/fleas. Apparently it’s even a great liver/digestive  detoxant. Cool huh?

4. This stuff is so great that even the homestead husband is using it on his indoor garden to deter bugs. Anywhere you put this powdery powerhouse the creepy crawlers are sure to stay away… Or die… Ahem. 

So why not give it a try?
I will definitely update y’all on how this works since I had big issues in my broccoli and zucchini last year. 

Give it a try. What’s there to lose?
Peace and Love


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  1. We have used it when we lived in an RV in an area where fleas were unavoidable. It didnt take care of the issue completely, but it did help some. And with fleas comes worms in dogs and cats, and it definitely helped there.

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