Sometimes it’s the little things, and sometimes it’s an awesome vintage tractor for a great deal! 

It does not take much to please me but if you’re trying, just throw anything old at me. No joke, I love vintage. I love items with history, with a story. I love anything with a little rust on it, I promise, just check out my daily driver. 

Just think about all the work this tractor has done? And how many projects it completed in its time… How cool is that?!?

It came from Lake Creek Lodge, the homestead husbands place of employment. LCL has been around since the early 1920s so it has a great deal of history. Some of which this ole ford machine played a big role in. Spencer says this tractor performed all the major work up there for over 40 years!

Ireland was ecstatic at her first site of it. She can’t stop “driving” it. Seriously, if she’s missing just check the tractor. 

As for the hubby and I? We couldn’t be more grateful. And darn lucky that were actually able to buy it, for great price to. 

I love everything about this new addition. It has personality and history. And even more to be made. We have lots of plans that will be made easier with this valuable piece of machinery. 

This stellar find is just one example of how we cut costs and do with what we can within our means.

You don’t have to be rich to be a homesteader. But you must be open minded. 

Peace and Love


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