If you know me, then you know I love Pinterest. Well here I go again, experimenting. I thought giving a pallet garden a try would be fun this garden season. Heck what do I have to lose? 

I also decided early on that I wanted to develop a kitchen garden close by the house. Luckily there’s a piece of dirt directly outside our kitchen window that is perfect. 

More so, this ground is begging to be worked. You can tell that the lawn used to wrap around the house in this area but there hasn’t been a lawn in some many many years, at least way before we moved in, that’s what we’ve heard from neighbors and our landlord. 

Ok I’m rambling. Ahem. 

So here lies the plot for our kitchen garden and two pallets which will house our leaf and small root veggies. Maybe some herbs. 

The process was simple. Find a pallet, find a plot, and basically just throw some dirt in it. Making sure it’s evenly packed inside. I even used some garden fabric stapled along the bottom of one to prevent weed/grass growth up inside the pallet. And also to prevent soil from flowing out in case of a heavy rain. Mulch packed in around the pallet also works perfectly great. 

So there you have it. A simple thrown together raised garden bed. And it was free. You like?


There is another in the most shaded corner of our large garden, the future plot for more shady varieties. 


The ease at which I have grown small root veggies in these pallets is fantastic. The parallel slats provide a form of mulch over the soil and I rarely have to water them, covering them with more straw helps even more so. I love that the rows are evenly spaced already all you need do is simply sow seeds or transplant starts. 

I absolutely love trying new ways to garden and finding what works for us out here on our little homestead. This is a permaculture win-win right here folks. Simple and low maintenance. 

Getting dirt under my nails. 

Peace and Love


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