For You My Love. 

My tall handsome husband. Oh where do I begin…

That beard. Those soft baby blue eyes. His clever smile. Or the hands, oh that man’s hands. I could go on… But for now I’ll spare you. 

For those of you who don’t know my husband. Here he is. Mr. Spencer Gardner. Ok, not so bearded here but hey the man hates and I mean hates to be photographed. So this is old. Moving on. 

He was born and raised here in our home state of Oregon. He’s passionate about forestry and cannabis horticulture.  A fantastic mechanic and jack of all trades, he’s never afraid of a challenge. 

It’s said his Grandpa Charlie taught him the best skill you can have is being able to read. Because, he also says,”If you can read, you can learn to fix just about anything.” 

A goofball when you need a laugh and a strong support when you need someone to lean on. 

The back bone of our homestead, and our growing family. Spencer has been my saving grace and best friend. He’s the one who keeps us upright and moving forward. I don’t know what I do without that beardy man. 

From birthing coach to playing horsie in the living room, this man will do anything for his daughters. 

All while lovingly indulging my homestead dreams and always challenging me to chase them down, his patience for the girls who surround him knows no bounds. 

In times of stress and fear, there’s my bearded man, full of positivity and a cunning remark to make you laugh or change your perspective. Never have I learned so much from a human, as I have from my husband. He’s unique with such an appetite for life and wisdom beyond his age. 

He’s our all around farm hand, part-time chef and the only one who can get Ireland to nap some days. Afternoon snuggle time is their jam. He accepts the differences in his daughters and takes every beard tug from Murphy with as much grace as he can manage. 

Becoming a father didn’t change him, not really, he’s still my same old goofy best friend who wanted only to make me laugh and help those he loved. 

Only now he’s a daddy. 

He only became more of himself. The best parts of his spirit amplified. His soul, now a piece of another human, a person he helped to make. His ability to give and keep giving has never ceased. He loves his friends and family without consequence. He will never faulter to be there for someone in need. Especially in the case of his daughters.

A rugged bearded man with the tenderness to brush his daughters hair.. even if his hands smell like gun oil.. Need I say more?

Watch out teen boys of 2027 and beyond. 

Our daughters are some lucky girls. 

Peace and Love. 

And special love to my bearded stud muffin of a husband and the father of my daughters. I love you… Happy Father’s Day 


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