The National Ladies Homestead Gathering

Hi all! I wanted to jump on here and express my absolute happiness for the most recent development for my homestead. I was recently watching a Justin Rhodes vlog, you know.. my chicken hero? If you don’t, look that man up on YouTube immediately and your mind will be blown! So back to watching one of his vlogs. They met up with an amazing woman back east named Cindi Ball, the National President and founder of the Ladies Homestead Gathering! How did I not know about this before???

Long story short I found myself filling in the blanks of a questionnaire trying to learn more about the gathering and find my local chapter. Well surprise surprise there wasn’t one. Upon checking a box about the desire to start my own local chapter I didn’t think much of it. Until, I was contacted by the gathering and offered the opportunity to do just that! My own chapter? Really..? Could this be possible? The answer was yes. So after discussing this in length with my husband and with Cindi herself (by phone of course) I decided to take the leap!

Last Tuesday I hosted the interest meeting for the Ladies Homestead Gathering of Deschutes County as its chapter president. Elated with excitement and nerves I had a bit of a struggle starting out. Tripping over tongue and talking wayyy to fast, but after the ice was broken my passion was able to spill out over the conference room, I had found my tribe. Women who don’t glaze over when I ramble about chickens for the millionth time? Could this be real? Very yes! My cup is so full from this small amount of women and I can already see our chapter growing into an amazing community of like minded ladies.

For those of you unaware of ‘The Gathering’ here’s our mission statement:

The National Ladies Homestead Gathering exists to provide a welcoming environment, where women can share new ideas, celebrate victories, address challenges and cultivate community with like-minded women. All women are welcome who have a dream, calling or desire to be more self-sufficient. In the planning phase of a veteran homesteader – every women has something to contribute or gain from coming together.

Fantastic right? I never knew there could be so many women so near to me with the same mindset. For years I have found my camaraderie and mentorship through social media. Vlogs, tutorials, YouTube videos, and summits were always there for me, but I wanted more. I wanted something tangible. Something outside the social media world. I searched for an identity for myself in addition to wife and mother. I love my family life but mama needed something to pour myself into. How could I get so lucky to find this group I’ll never know. But I’m here now and so grateful for it.

For any interested Ladies out there, come join us. We’re dying to meet you and pour out our hearts to help you succeed. Join our tribe, you won’t regret it! We will be meeting regularly at the Redmond OR library every third Tuesday of the month at 3:30 pm. And if you’re too far to travel find your own local chapter, or, start your own!

Visit the Ladies Homestead Gathering website for more info. You can email me directly at or find me on Facebook or Instagram for our local chapter info.

I hope to see you at our November meeting.

Peace and Love

And happy Homesteading!


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