Essential Oil DIY Supply List

Hey guys! I get a lot of questions about this but Im going to keep it short and sweet! If you’re a veteran oil user or a first timer you’re bound to find a DIY recipe that you want to re-create for your home or family. So I’ve taken the time to compile a list of all the must-haves for my do-it-yourself cabinet. I keep these all on hand since they appear so commonly in the essential oil DIY world. For clarification I didn’t just chose random items, these are things my family and I actually use and trust after years of trial and error. We’ve tried tons of brands and these are the ones we’ve come to love.

Every item on the list has a link attached to it so you can click with ease and be re-directed to Amazon if you’d like to purchase. We don’t personally sell these items but if you click through and purchase through the links we do get compensated a small percentage. On a homestead every cent counts and we really appreciate all the support we get from our followers, you can consider it a way to help us grow our farm and our savings account (to buy our own homestead)! SO thank you all and enjoy!

Note: I added below each a few recipes/ways I use each item.

DIY Ingredients:

Shea butter

  • pomade
  • lotion
  • nursing balm

Sweet Almond oil

  • pomade
  • facewash
  • carrier oil

Argan oil

  • detangler
  • moisturizer
  • carrier oil

Aloe Vera

  • after sun spray
  • postpartum peri-spray

Witch Hazel

  • postpartum peri-spray
  • pillow/ air-freshener spray
  • toner
  • after sun spray

Soy wax

  • candles

Bees wax

  • pomade
  • candles
  • lip balm

Coconut oil

  • skin/hair DIYs
  • carrier oil
  • labor peri-rub

Arrowroot powder

  • pomade
  • dry shampoo

DIY containers:

2ml sample bottles

  • to have smaller oil quantities for travel

Dry Body Brush

  • google body brushing.. seriously do it.

2 Oz. glass spray bottle

16 Oz. glass spray bottle

4 Oz. Tins

2 Oz. Tins

  • for storing all that homemade goodness!

Keep in mind these are NOT all the products I use. I started you off with some of the basics and some of my most used ingredients. I’ll continue to add to this as I stock my DIY cabinet. Feel free to drop a comment and tell me what you use!

Peace & Love


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